Smooth Rock Falls Generating Station

Smooth Rock Falls GS

Smooth Rock Falls GS is a 7.4 MW run-of-river hydroelectric generating station located in the town of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. Constructed in 1916, Smooth Rock Falls GS has had a long and productive history of harnessing the power and water of the Mattagami River in support of industry and the residents of the north. The facility once supplied the neighbouring paper mill and the residents of the town with both power and water and actually served as part of the trans-Canada highway in the early-mid 1900's.

GPC purchased SRFGS from Tembec Industries in March of 2011, and has now entered into a 5-year period of planned capital restoration and improvement that will see the capacity of the station increase by 20% to 9MW. With the completion of this work, SRFGS will continue to produce cleen energy for the province of Ontario for generations to come.