anaerobic digester

Seacliff Energy

Seacliff Energy Ltd. is an anaerobic digester facility located in Leamington, Ontario. The plant uses an advanced technology, multi-stage process to digest waste organic matter, convert it into biogas, and fuel a 1.6MW Caterpillar 3520 generator set. Seacliff is being constructed in 2 phases, which will produce a total of 3.2MW of reliable green energy. Upon completion, Seacliff will be the largest energy producing anaerobic digester in North America and will process over 100,000 tons of organic waste each year.

Phase-I construction began in March, 2010 and has an anticipated in-service date of January 7th, 2011. Phase-II planning has already begun with an anticipated construction start in mid 2011 pending granting of a Feed-In-Tariff. Seacliff Energy Ltd. is a development partnership between Seacliff Energy Inc., Alpenglow Energy, and Gemini Power Corp.