Working With GPC

A developing a project with GPC has a number of stages;

Feasibility Study - Preliminary evaluation of site location, available resources, energy potential, supply chain, constructability, environmental issues, technology, regulatory issues, and estimated project cost.

Concept Phase - Preliminary project design, operational patterns, impact mitigation, financial model refinement, and drafting of final partnership agreements.

Regulatory Approvals & Financing - Completion of all necessary environmental, connection, production, and construction permits. Negotiate and secure debt financing terms and procurement contracts.

Detailed Engineering & Construction - Final selection of technology and contractors, finalization of outstanding permitting. First Nations training is initiated.

Construction - Plant, road, and transmission connection are built using community members to the greatest extent possible.

Commissioning - Operational staff selection, plant testing, and formalization of operating systems.

Operations - Refine operational efficiencies and generate revenue that will pay-down debt, pay-out equity holders, and bring ownership to the First Nation.

GPC-First Nation Partnerships - Steps In Moving Forward

  1. Contact GPC and describe your project, we will then arrange to meet and begin a relationship that will hopefully develop into a strong and long-lasting partnership.

  2. A Partnership Committee is formed to assess the opportunity and potential challenges. The First Nation determines the composition of the Committee.

  3. Meetings occur on the timetable of the First Nation (suggested frequency is monthly). Councilor Arnold May is available as the committee facilitator if desired.

  4. The Partnership Committee evaluates pre-feasibility data and prepares Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to outline how we will work together (GPC funds these initial costs).

  5. The Partnership Committee develops the formal structure for the partnership, financial documentation, notifies regulatory agencies, and secures necessary approvals.
  6. The Partnership selects engineering consultants through an RFP tendering process.

  7. The Partnership oversees and monitors facility construction and determines staffing.