Mission / Vision

GPC seeks strategic strategic alliances with owners of existing energy producing assets as well as partnerships for the development of new renewable energy facilities to promote a culture of sustainability and cost-effective green energy production.

GPC's primary focus is to form renewable energy development partnerships with Ontario's First Nations communities in an effort to bring them sustainable, multi-generational wealth through development of long-lived assets. GPC is also investigating similar opportunities across Canada.

Our investment philosophy is based on the concepts of: Partnership, Scholarship, & Ownership (PSO). PSO represents a paradigm shift from historical relationships between energy development corporations and First Nations. GPC will be an investor and partner; not an owner. Full ownership of the project will revert to the First Nation after GPC has received an agreed upon return on its investment. We call this the Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) model, which operates with 'Open Books' and 'Open Doors'.

Our Mission:

To develop sustainable energy and human relationships that empower our partners both socially and economically. With both commercial and First Nations partnerships, GPC develops its projects in a way that respects bot the environment and its Partners' values.

Executing our Vision:

Build - The First Nation contributes land, water, human resources and cultural guidance. GPC provides technical, financial, environmental & operational resources. Together we build a power generation facility.

Operate - Together we operate the facility with the project funding educational scholarships for First Nation students.

Transfer - Once GPC recovers its investment plus a fair and agreed-upon profit, we depart. The First Nation takes the lead in all aspects of project management. GPC remains a trusted advisor, partner, and friend to the community but no longer receives revenue from the project.