Welcome to Gemini Power Corp.

Gemini Power Corp. (GPC) is a privately-owned, Ontario-based, renewable power generation corporation capitalizing on its financial and operational strengths to develop a portfolio of sustainable power generation and renewable energy resources, including: hydro-electric, wind power, solar, biomass, and related power assets. Focusing on Canada's First Nations, we strive to build economic and community self-reliance in a way that respects both the environment and First Nations' traditional values.

We posses a broad knowledge of the power business with extensive experience working in all technical and regulatory aspects of project development. GPC's demonstrated track record in project management, financing, technical management, environmental assessments and operations, combined with our large network of expert consultants, allows us to bring real value to any project as an equity and/or development partner.

GPC is continually seeking strong working partnerships with both First Nations and commercial partners in developing sustainable energy projects. Through our unique First Nations investment philosophy, we promote true collaboration from the outset of any undertaking.

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