GPC's Core Competencies

Our Strengths

  • 40+ years of technical, operational & regulatory management experience
  • Extensive experience in finance, investment research & risk management
  • A wide network of senior business & technical consultants
  • On-going management capability and capacity
  • Strong in-house financial resources and long-standing relationships with numerous debt financing providers
  • The capacity to fulfill all phases of power generation project development of any size from conception to completion.

GPC Can Take the Lead In

  • Developing partnership agreements, MOU's, confidentiality agreements, contracts & regulatory filings
  • Undertaking feasibility assessments, consulting, and developing financial plans
  • Introducing or participating with investment partners
  • Managing the concept, design, engineering and construction phases of a project
  • Providing accounting, finance, operational, and technical support
  • Implementing management for the day-to-day operations of power generating assets

We are an adaptable group who can compliment almost any partner competencies to drive projects forward. GPC is more than an investor, we are a partner.